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"A hands on experience for your brand"

The ‘App’ generation of customers expects a hands on interface with their favourite brands.

Are you looking for a new and innovative way to engage and retain customers? Are you looking for solutions to communicate the quality and style of your brand? Do you want to train for driving non-formula type cars? Then consider the proven effectiveness of simulation as a tool to attract, engage and retain customers whilst at the same time providing ways to educate, entertain and complete a total brand experience.

BRD has a proven track record of creating innovative and exciting simulator solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Whether your requirement is for race or road simulation BRD will be able to develop a solution suitable for your application.

Though BRD specialises in driver training developments it is frequently the case that the same technology is utilised in creating high end, realistic, entertainment and PR simulators. Often customers request the dual capability of using the simulator for training and PR / Marketing. The state of the art BRD Race Software solution makes this practical, allowing for training functionality to be scaled back, or not, as appropriate to the entertainment use.

Broadly there are three types of custom simulation for training or promotion:

  • Conversion of existing full or part race/road cars integrating ‘off the shelf’ BRD control technology. This can include fitting of vehicles to the BRD Velocity motion platforms or to custom built higher payload platforms.
  • Conversion of existing full or part vehicles to simulators using custom designed controls systems or usually modification of existing ‘real’ in car controls. These involve fitting sensors to the existing steering column, pedals, gear shifter etc. Programming to support on wheel LCD screens and LED gear indicators or rev lights is also a service BRD provides to enable the hardware to interact fully with the simulation software.
  • Creation of complete simulator packages from scratch. BRD regularly is involved in building custom simulators for race teams that involve creation of the whole system. In such case BRD works from CAD data if available or from photographs or even from a simple sketched idea. BRD’s experienced engineers will produce a completely authentic and faithful purpose built simulator solution.

BRD also produces show cars; however why spend money on just a show car when for often a little more BRD can create a simulator that can double as a show car. BRD has innovative solutions for enabling this dual functionality without compromising the simulation experience or the authenticity of the shape.

Our designers will help with the specification and configuration of model, livery and software customisation to best suit your requirements and environment.

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