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tRaction™ Software

BRD has a unique position in that it designs, develops and produces all aspects of its simulators so that BRD are able to supply complete, seamless simulation packages and solutions. BRD recognised many years ago that it was not good enough to have the best simulator hardware if the software interface was weak, no matter how good the software. BRD resolved that it needed to have in house its own software development team completely integrated with its class leading hardware team. The result is that BRD fully owns and is continuously developing what we believe is the most sophisticated real time race simulation software, working with clients and BRD sponsored teams in F1, GP2, NASCAR and many other Formula.

Key Benefits

  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Driver and engineer training
  • Improve driver circuit knowledge
  • Test and evaluate car setups in real time
  • Develop driver race craft and driver to engineer communication
  • Human in the loop race car and track development
  • Extremely flexible to allow customer plug-ins to be incorporated
  • Driver and engineer vehicle familiarisation
  • Maximise the effectiveness of expensive on track time by making sure the maximum possible work is done in simulation first

Key Features

  • Fully validated car physics models. Data validated by championship winning race teams and drivers in all formulae. See list of current car models below.
  • Ultra accurate 3D graphics engine using the latest DX9 technology to enable video realistic track, environmental and car imagery at optimal frame rates.
  • New graphics engine with new photo real graphics will challenge the very best graphics currently available in console markets.
  • Unique patented integration of Laser scan point cloud data to create the most precise track surface model and surrounding asset appearance. This enables a driver to truly learn a circuit and for example pick real world braking points. For the engineer it allows car setup optimisation. BRD operates its own laser scanner and IMU/GPS equipment to capture data and import it directly into the simulation without loss of fidelity, yielding accuracy to 2mm. BRD supplies track data to an F1 Championship winning team for their driver training and engineering optimisation simulation operations.
  • Seamless motion platform integration through a sophisticated integrated controller. All aspects of the physics model output to the motion platform creating the most realistic and immersive driving experience. BRD builds its own motion systems to simulate the behaviour of actual race cars rather than adapting motion platforms that were designed for aerospace applications.
  • Realistic vehicle dynamics are simulated using an articulated rigid body model. This allows accurate representation of any suspension configuration and behaviour characteristic. Suspension geometry (hard points, links and joints) can be easily imported. Alternatively look-up tables can be generated from K&C rig data.
  • The all important tyre model is based on Pacejka MF, upgraded with a semi-empirical degradation and temperature model
  • Aero-forces are fully sensitive to ride heights and wing settings. There is the option to import wind tunnel/CFD look-up tables, or alternatively to use a semi-empirical mathematical model.
  • Highly flexible engine model based on user supplied or auto-generated torque/pedal maps. Complete drive train modelling including inertias and torque reactions
  • Temperature sensitive Brake Model
  • Flexible physics model vehicle sampling allowing engineer to set sampling at different rates between 300Hz and 1Khz. Depending on the PC hardware the sampling rate can affect graphics frame rates etc and so by having a selectable sampling rate the engineer can optimise performance on their system depending on their requirement
  • Two switchable 5.1 surround sound engines for realistic immersion.
  • New ultra realistic sound engine model.
  • Output to force feedback steering system is driven directly from the physics model so the driver feels precisely how the car is handling
  • Sophisticated and comprehensive car setup editor to enable all aspects of the car to be adjusted and modelled. An engineer can even make changes ‘on the fly’ as the driver is driving around the circuit to quickly assess the effects of changes.
  • Real time live output of telemetry data to race engineer as the driver is driving, reported at 100Hz. This is perfect as a basis for engineer ‘Pit Wall’ training.
  • Simple to operate multi-driver networking for unlimited number of drivers driving head to head. Features an advanced collision model producing an accurate and realistic interaction between vehicles. All drivers controllable by a single engineer

Other Features

  • Support for multiple screens and/or projectors. The software is flexible to allow output of any view from or of any part of the vehicle.
  • Modular vehicle modelling to allow incorporation of customer specific data and models.
  • Fully controllable and configurable TV race director function to enable engineer or operator to view a car or full race from any position. TV mode outputs live lap, sector and speed trap information as well as live real time track map showing position of all drivers on circuit with split time information
  • Multiple ghost cars generated in software from ‘real world’ telemetry inputs allowing driver to test or race against his or another driver’s actual real world performance. This allows for testing drivers as well as benchmarking/validating simulator setups. This telemetry input can be live allowing a driver or drivers in simulators to drive real time against a live real world race driver or drivers.
  • Advanced CAN-Bus interface plug-in model allowing control of the steering wheel display and full interaction with the real steering wheel hardware.
  • Option to enable electronic driver aids, such as ABS, ESP and traction control
  • Fully interactive and clickable 3D cockpit dashboards
  • Editable track and ambient temperature models
  • Fully editable vehicle livery and track side hoarding branding to suit customer requirements
  • Software 3D compatible for future proofing

Additional Race Centre Features

  • Race Control module controls multiple simulators from a single control station. A single operator can reset, exit and even text message individual drivers.
  • Live split timing and position data scrolled on screen to all competing drivers.
  • Track Day facility that allows drivers of each simulator to run the same circuit but running different vehicle models on track together in the same race
  • Simulators can operate completely independently as stand alone systems.
  • Simulators can be grouped to run smaller race events, i.e. 2 or more simulators can run one event whilst other simulators can run another event concurrently operated by a single race controller (requires an additional PC at race control).
  • Test, qualifying, race and championship logic built in for fully automated event creation.
  • Race control database software seamlessly integrates with Race software to extract driver results and telemetry data storing indefinitely individual driver’s every lap.
  • TV Director/Race Stewards replay function
  • New climate model that enables you to select your ideal weather condition.

Validated Car Models

  • Formula 1
  • GP2
  • WS Renault
  • Formula 3
  • Formula BMW
  • Formula Ford
  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Ferrari F430GT2
  • Aston Martin DBR9
  • Zonda
  • Lancia Delta HF Turbo (Rally)
  • Various road vehicles (Mitsubishi L200, BMW X5, Renault Clio, Mini, MX5 etc)